21 Day Sugar Detox

Normally I’m a very strict Paleo eater, I have been for about 6 or more months, started eating A LOT healthier a year ago. It just took a little extra motivation to go full Paleo.  In the last year I have lost 23 lbs! I’ve come a long way and it has been a long journey!
I’ve recently been traveling A LOT and I have majorly fallen off the Paleo band wagon…. and let’s face it, I’ve been eating Halloween candy out of the bowl I keep in my office for co-workers.  In an attempt to reset myself, I’m going to try this 21 Day Sugar Detox… Very dangerous endeavor right before Halloween!

Simple indulgences

Simple indulgences

I’m used to eating tons of protein and vegetables on the Paleo diet, but I’m also used to eating lots of fruit which is not allowed. The only fruits that are allowed are lemons and limes. So hard! I went and purchased a huge water cup and it is lemon/lime water for me (it helps with the sweets cravings somehow).

So here it goes, Day 1:

Sad to admit breakfast consisted of an Americano.

I prepared two baggies of veggies the night before and had carrots and green bell peppers for snacks.

For lunch I had some ground beef with onions, garlic, and green peppers that I seasoned with a little cayenne and pepper.

Day 1 Dinner

Day 1 Dinner

Dinner was a sweet potato (ok in moderation on the detox) two poached eggs, and bacon.

I started preparing my lunch for tomorrow which is going to be pork chops and salad with lime juice dressing and diced tomatoes. I decided to cook my pork chops at the same time as my bacon tonight for dinner. Questionably acceptable. 014

I will get more adventurous with my recipes as time goes on. Nonetheless, I’m excited to take this on! This first week is going to be rough!