The good, the bad, the ugly.

I just realized how long it has been since my last post, I’m sure my 3? 4? followers are disappointed! 🙂
This is what I’ve realized.. When I said the holidays were a challenging time, I meant winter… Something about the cold weather makes you want to sit back with some wine or in my case a vodka soda. Maybe it’s that we are all opening our credit card bills from the holiday spending? I would like to toss those in the fireplace with Fifty Shades of Gray. That makes one happy image.

The Good:
I made a frittata and it was awesome!! I saw a recipe I kinda liked, but I wanted to change the veggies, mainly because that’s all I had. Super easy!


Here is how I did it:

1 sweet potato
1 head of broccoli
10 bacon slices
1/3 c mushrooms (approx.) I used baby bellas
8 eggs
Salt and pepper for taste

Preheat oven to 375. If you have an old oven like me 400 is ok.
First, I started cooking my bacon in a pan. While my bacon was cooking I diced up my sweet potato into little squares. You don’t want big chunks or they might not cook completely.
Put your bacon off to the side once it’s done and leave a little bit of the grease, enough to cover the bottom.
Next, throw those mushrooms in the grease and sautée them for a few minutes. I then threw in my broccoli and sweet potato in for a few.
While this is happening, cut your bacon up into little pieces and toss it back in. Pour your eggs over the top, salt and pepper to your heart’s desire, and let it cook for a few minutes so the bottom gets firm.
Slide pan into preheated oven and cook for about 20-25 minutes. You want the eggs to be firm, but have a little push back to them.

This recipe was so easy and so tasty, I think I’ll mix it up next time with some spicy sausage and try a Mexican type frittata.

The bad and the ugly:
I think my downfall is not being prepared. I had no lunch made a couple days last week and I found myself at Marv’s deli with a friend. Amazing place! But one BLT and gourmet donut later… Ugh… Look at this donut..


Next week is a new week! Being prepared is the key and a cheat day here and there never hurt anyone!!


New Year, Paleo do or die time

I think the holidays are the worst for diets. Temptation everywhere. I went into the holidays excited to try new recipes and keep my lifestyle going, needless to say, it was a struggle. Good news, I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would. I honestly try to avoid weighing myself at all costs because the most important thing to me is that I feel good about myself. For the first time in a long time, I stepped on the scale. I was pleasantly surprised. This is no lie, my total weight loss since I began Paleo- THIRTY POUNDS! It feels so amazing to have reached such a milestone. I believe in this lifestyle and it gave me the jolt of affirmation I needed to continue. It has been such a journey and I couldn’t be happier with the lifestyle change I made.
I have been testing new creations and trying to get outside the box with my recipes, keeping things interesting is so important!
One of my favorites during the cold months Coconut Chicken Soup. Pure deliciousness!


I’ve been testing my own skills a little bit to see what I could come up with and I’ve found I’m not so bad at making something out of almost nothing.
Sweet potatoes are great diced up and thrown in one of those steamer bags with a little garlic, salt, and pepper. Super easy and super delicious!

Easiest breakfast I’ve found to date:
Eggs In A Red Basket . Must try!

I feel like I have recharged my Paleo batteries. Feeling very excited for 2014!

I love the Holidays!

What better time to try out something new? I can’t tell you how excited I am to decorate and cook! After a long debate, Thanksgiving is at my humble abode where my roomie and I will be the hostesses with the mostestes… That’s a lot if s’s… Although, no one seems to be thrilled about Paleo Thanksgiving (which means it won’t end up Paleo at all), but I am determined to get at least one or two Paleo side dishes snuck in. Pinterest is seriously the most amazing thing EVER when it comes to finding great ideas! I’ve been exploring it almost daily for Holiday recipes. There are some I’m going to try beforehand, I want to convince everyone how easy and awesome it is to be Paleo!
Tonight, I’m making Coconut Cake Bites -Don’t they look yummy?!


I really need to turn over a new leaf this weekend and decide not to be so lazy, I feel like my Paleo is getting redundant!

This is my recap for the week:

Can’t be Paleo without a good processor! Yes, this is sweet potatoes! I took a half day from work, lit the fireplace, and cooked. It was dreamy!


I think you know what happened next, Sweet Potato hash. I just added some onions and a little salt and pepper, plus, an egg of course.


Moving onto my next accomplishment on my dreamy day, Asian Style Paleo Porkchops


Mine didn’t look quite the same, but still delicious! I didn’t really use a big pork chop like the recipe called for, I didn’t have those on hand.


Next, creation of my own from what I had.. It’s peppered steak and a green pepper. I bought the steaks already peppered from the grocery store so I didn’t add much additional flavor, just a tiny bit of salt.


When it was all said and done, I drizzled a little honey on it and topped it with an egg. Actually very delicious!


TGIF! I’m excited to try some holiday recipes this weekend!

It’s all about the presentation

I know it’s an ongoing joke that Target is like a casino, you lose track of time and money. I just wanted it to be said that I won last night! Only $28! I always close my eyes while I check out at Target.. Now they all have a Starbucks… Mmmm.. Vanilla lattes! I resisted.
I actually took a long lunch yesterday to La Peep. Amazing breakfast food.. Would you believe they didn’t have gluten free English muffins? Yeah, go figure, the Midwest is so health conscious……….. So I had eggs Benedict. It should be said that it was loaded with veggies, no ordinary Benedict! I feel like this blog is turning into Paleo fails??

Dinner was much much better! Kale, pork chop, poached egg. It was so easy! Spinach would definitely be a great substitute for the kale too.


And voilà !


It’s been so looooong!

Where to start? Long week and a little stressful. And I totally broke the detox! Friday night turned into margaritas and fajitas… I’m not entirely disappointed… Seriously, I did really well for a long time…
So here’s the highlights of the week:
My lazy dinner

My not so lazy dinner, Paleo Scotch Eggs sooooooo delicious!!

By the way.. I do not recommend using a muffin/cupcake pan for the scotch eggs, just a normal cookie sheet.

Tonight I did somewhat (mostly) good! We went out for my dad’s birthday! Woo! Coconut shrimp was not paleo… And truthfully… Not that delicious. Not worth it!


Dad and his birthday brownie ice cream!


We also had cupcakes!! Delicious amazing cupcakes!!


Today was fun and I was kinda lazy and did zero meal prep for the week… Not smart Carla… Not smart… It will be a lazy paleo week, but it WILL be paleo!!!

Unquestionably paleo… Detox??

I have been SOOOO lazy the past couple days! And I desperately need to visit the grocery store. I have completely run out of vegetables and I’m running low on meat!! I’m feeling less dedicated to this detox this week. Sad, but true. I do feel a lot better with how far I’ve come to this point. Let’s see if I can remember the last couple days….
Salad bowl from Chipotle. I was really careful with my selection. No rice, no beans, just meat and veggies.

Pumpkin pancakes!


Leftover pumpkin pancakes!
Steak and broccoli

Coconut Curry Chicken, delicious!


No idea what is for dinner tonight!

The Weekend

It has been a productive and lazy weekend!I had THREE dogs, watching these awesome little girls!

I am just going to dive right into meals before I forget!

Sadly just black coffee
Actually went out to eat, Lonestar. I had a cajun grilled chicken breast and a sweet potato. Wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be finding something to eat at a restaurant.
Dinner:Pumpkin pancakes! Actually pretty good, but I will say, sugarless.. I sliced up a banana on them for a little extra flavor.

Sweet potato with eggs and ham, I’m actually not sure if eating ham prepackaged like this is ok. Probably not, but I was running out of options. Image
Salad with chicken and diced tomatoes

Breakfast/Lunch: (often combined on the weekend)
Turkey burger and two eggs
Ground turkey with onions and eggs

So things are getting a little boring, especially this weekend. I’m going to try and find new recipes tonight. I wish I had taken more pictures of my meals this weekend! Next time.

Day 4 – Moment of weakness

Day 4 was Halloween!! Biggest excuse in the entire world to eat as much candy as you possibly can. For me? I was working on a huge project and in a 4 hour meeting staring more candy and pumpkin shaped sugar cookies in the face. Plus, I had to purchase candy for my trivia game! No serious meeting can begin without a game (at least I think so). Well, of course I bought my favorite Swedish Fish! By hour 3 I broke down and ate a tiny bag…. It was shameful, but delicious.. And those tiny bags literally have 5 fish. So… I am human, can’t do anything about it. I planned on taking this to November 23rd anyways so I will have extra detox days to make up for my mishap.
Meals —
The last of my quiche! Finally gone, thank god.
My slow cooked chicken wrapped in bacon with garlic, green apples, and cinnamon
Simple Creamy Cauliflower Artichoke Soup I actually used some of my leftover chicken for this- best part, I had friends to share it with! I still have leftovers but not as much.


Tonight will be interesting because I didn’t defrost anything… Maybe pumpkin pancakes for dinner 🙂

Day 3 – Feeling proud and disappointed

So my meals today have been SERIOUSLY boring. Since, I cook for just me, I have to eat all my leftover quiche!
I’m feeling very proud today because I spent 6 1/2 hours helping with our company Fall Fest which had hot dogs, assorted chili, assorted chips (I miss Doritos), sugar cookies,  and you betcha CANDY. Tons and tons of candy everywhere- win a game, piece of candy- you showed up, thanks, piece of candy…. Ugh.. I had skittles, snickers, milky ways, etc. staring me in the face all day. But, I stayed strong!! I felt like a vampire in a blood bank, but I survived. I tried literally a “shot” of a few chilis, I made sure I chose only gluten free ones and that looked packed with veggies for the most part. So I consumed a few beans today, not entirely paleo, but I don’t think it should set me back for this detox.
Here is my boring day:
Leftover quiche
3 plain hot dogs, no buns, no condiments, literally plain
You guessed it, leftover quiche!

After dinner I decided I would attempt to get creative! Plus, I have been dying to bite into something somewhat sweet… I will tell you in advance, this did not hit the spot. I made Coco-Peppermint Patties which tasted, well, sugarless. I wouldn’t really recommend them. I might get try them again off the detox when I can use stevia.


They actually look awesome, but like I said, sugarless… Very disappointing.

I’ve already started my meal for tomorrow in the crock pot! I modified a recipe I found that includes, chicken wrapped in bacon, garlic, apples and cinnamon. Hopefully I don’t have another disappointment!

Day 2 – 21DSD

So it was officially a rough day 2, I figure my entire week will be like this! Tomorrow is the Fall Festival for work and there will be tons of goodies, candy, cookies, chips, etc. Also, hot dogs, these are questionably acceptable.. ? Although, I haven’t been a huge cheater since I went full Paleo, I do enjoy an indulgence from time to time, but nonetheless, no cookies for this girl.
I slammed a bag of sour gummi worms last weekend on a road trip. They were heaven. . .I kept thinking about them today. . . . Must stop day dreaming!
I didn’t take any pictures of my lunch because it seemed a little boring. I also realized I’ve been eating a TON of pork lately. Mental note: eat some chicken.

Plain thin cut pork chop, black tea with cinnamon
Plain thin cut pork chop, salad with half a lemon squeezed on it, diced tomatoes, and leftover bacon
(Honestly did not miss salad dressing whatsoever)
Spaghetti squash crusted quiche, a recipe I found here PaleOMG Spaghetti Squash Crusted Quiche

So. . . I realized I have no pie pan so I had a very square quiche.. Still tasted rather good, but I should probably purchase one because I definitely want to make this again.


My fight continues! Tomorrow will be the true test when I have amazing sugar cookies staring me in the face. Must. Stay. Strong.