New Year, Paleo do or die time

I think the holidays are the worst for diets. Temptation everywhere. I went into the holidays excited to try new recipes and keep my lifestyle going, needless to say, it was a struggle. Good news, I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would. I honestly try to avoid weighing myself at all costs because the most important thing to me is that I feel good about myself. For the first time in a long time, I stepped on the scale. I was pleasantly surprised. This is no lie, my total weight loss since I began Paleo- THIRTY POUNDS! It feels so amazing to have reached such a milestone. I believe in this lifestyle and it gave me the jolt of affirmation I needed to continue. It has been such a journey and I couldn’t be happier with the lifestyle change I made.
I have been testing new creations and trying to get outside the box with my recipes, keeping things interesting is so important!
One of my favorites during the cold months Coconut Chicken Soup. Pure deliciousness!


I’ve been testing my own skills a little bit to see what I could come up with and I’ve found I’m not so bad at making something out of almost nothing.
Sweet potatoes are great diced up and thrown in one of those steamer bags with a little garlic, salt, and pepper. Super easy and super delicious!

Easiest breakfast I’ve found to date:
Eggs In A Red Basket . Must try!

I feel like I have recharged my Paleo batteries. Feeling very excited for 2014!


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