I love the Holidays!

What better time to try out something new? I can’t tell you how excited I am to decorate and cook! After a long debate, Thanksgiving is at my humble abode where my roomie and I will be the hostesses with the mostestes… That’s a lot if s’s… Although, no one seems to be thrilled about Paleo Thanksgiving (which means it won’t end up Paleo at all), but I am determined to get at least one or two Paleo side dishes snuck in. Pinterest is seriously the most amazing thing EVER when it comes to finding great ideas! I’ve been exploring it almost daily for Holiday recipes. There are some I’m going to try beforehand, I want to convince everyone how easy and awesome it is to be Paleo!
Tonight, I’m making Coconut Cake Bites -Don’t they look yummy?!


I really need to turn over a new leaf this weekend and decide not to be so lazy, I feel like my Paleo is getting redundant!

This is my recap for the week:

Can’t be Paleo without a good processor! Yes, this is sweet potatoes! I took a half day from work, lit the fireplace, and cooked. It was dreamy!


I think you know what happened next, Sweet Potato hash. I just added some onions and a little salt and pepper, plus, an egg of course.


Moving onto my next accomplishment on my dreamy day, Asian Style Paleo Porkchops


Mine didn’t look quite the same, but still delicious! I didn’t really use a big pork chop like the recipe called for, I didn’t have those on hand.


Next, creation of my own from what I had.. It’s peppered steak and a green pepper. I bought the steaks already peppered from the grocery store so I didn’t add much additional flavor, just a tiny bit of salt.


When it was all said and done, I drizzled a little honey on it and topped it with an egg. Actually very delicious!


TGIF! I’m excited to try some holiday recipes this weekend!


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