It’s all about the presentation

I know it’s an ongoing joke that Target is like a casino, you lose track of time and money. I just wanted it to be said that I won last night! Only $28! I always close my eyes while I check out at Target.. Now they all have a Starbucks… Mmmm.. Vanilla lattes! I resisted.
I actually took a long lunch yesterday to La Peep. Amazing breakfast food.. Would you believe they didn’t have gluten free English muffins? Yeah, go figure, the Midwest is so health conscious……….. So I had eggs Benedict. It should be said that it was loaded with veggies, no ordinary Benedict! I feel like this blog is turning into Paleo fails??

Dinner was much much better! Kale, pork chop, poached egg. It was so easy! Spinach would definitely be a great substitute for the kale too.


And voilà !



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