It’s been so looooong!

Where to start? Long week and a little stressful. And I totally broke the detox! Friday night turned into margaritas and fajitas… I’m not entirely disappointed… Seriously, I did really well for a long time…
So here’s the highlights of the week:
My lazy dinner

My not so lazy dinner, Paleo Scotch Eggs sooooooo delicious!!

By the way.. I do not recommend using a muffin/cupcake pan for the scotch eggs, just a normal cookie sheet.

Tonight I did somewhat (mostly) good! We went out for my dad’s birthday! Woo! Coconut shrimp was not paleo… And truthfully… Not that delicious. Not worth it!


Dad and his birthday brownie ice cream!


We also had cupcakes!! Delicious amazing cupcakes!!


Today was fun and I was kinda lazy and did zero meal prep for the week… Not smart Carla… Not smart… It will be a lazy paleo week, but it WILL be paleo!!!


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