The Weekend

It has been a productive and lazy weekend!I had THREE dogs, watching these awesome little girls!

I am just going to dive right into meals before I forget!

Sadly just black coffee
Actually went out to eat, Lonestar. I had a cajun grilled chicken breast and a sweet potato. Wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be finding something to eat at a restaurant.
Dinner:Pumpkin pancakes! Actually pretty good, but I will say, sugarless.. I sliced up a banana on them for a little extra flavor.

Sweet potato with eggs and ham, I’m actually not sure if eating ham prepackaged like this is ok. Probably not, but I was running out of options. Image
Salad with chicken and diced tomatoes

Breakfast/Lunch: (often combined on the weekend)
Turkey burger and two eggs
Ground turkey with onions and eggs

So things are getting a little boring, especially this weekend. I’m going to try and find new recipes tonight. I wish I had taken more pictures of my meals this weekend! Next time.


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