Day 4 – Moment of weakness

Day 4 was Halloween!! Biggest excuse in the entire world to eat as much candy as you possibly can. For me? I was working on a huge project and in a 4 hour meeting staring more candy and pumpkin shaped sugar cookies in the face. Plus, I had to purchase candy for my trivia game! No serious meeting can begin without a game (at least I think so). Well, of course I bought my favorite Swedish Fish! By hour 3 I broke down and ate a tiny bag…. It was shameful, but delicious.. And those tiny bags literally have 5 fish. So… I am human, can’t do anything about it. I planned on taking this to November 23rd anyways so I will have extra detox days to make up for my mishap.
Meals —
The last of my quiche! Finally gone, thank god.
My slow cooked chicken wrapped in bacon with garlic, green apples, and cinnamon
Simple Creamy Cauliflower Artichoke Soup I actually used some of my leftover chicken for this- best part, I had friends to share it with! I still have leftovers but not as much.


Tonight will be interesting because I didn’t defrost anything… Maybe pumpkin pancakes for dinner 🙂


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