Day 3 – Feeling proud and disappointed

So my meals today have been SERIOUSLY boring. Since, I cook for just me, I have to eat all my leftover quiche!
I’m feeling very proud today because I spent 6 1/2 hours helping with our company Fall Fest which had hot dogs, assorted chili, assorted chips (I miss Doritos), sugar cookies,  and you betcha CANDY. Tons and tons of candy everywhere- win a game, piece of candy- you showed up, thanks, piece of candy…. Ugh.. I had skittles, snickers, milky ways, etc. staring me in the face all day. But, I stayed strong!! I felt like a vampire in a blood bank, but I survived. I tried literally a “shot” of a few chilis, I made sure I chose only gluten free ones and that looked packed with veggies for the most part. So I consumed a few beans today, not entirely paleo, but I don’t think it should set me back for this detox.
Here is my boring day:
Leftover quiche
3 plain hot dogs, no buns, no condiments, literally plain
You guessed it, leftover quiche!

After dinner I decided I would attempt to get creative! Plus, I have been dying to bite into something somewhat sweet… I will tell you in advance, this did not hit the spot. I made Coco-Peppermint Patties which tasted, well, sugarless. I wouldn’t really recommend them. I might get try them again off the detox when I can use stevia.


They actually look awesome, but like I said, sugarless… Very disappointing.

I’ve already started my meal for tomorrow in the crock pot! I modified a recipe I found that includes, chicken wrapped in bacon, garlic, apples and cinnamon. Hopefully I don’t have another disappointment!


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